Rookie (Machine) Division

Rookie-Machine Pitch Rules

UpdatedMonday January 20, 2020 byCaroline Braden.

Machine-Pitch Division Rules

  • The Home team shall occupy the third base side of the field and the visiting team shall occupy the first base side.  No official score is kept in this division.
  • The home team shall furnish a volunteer umpire for all league games. The umpire will be positioned in the field and will be primarily responsible for making out/safe and fair/foul calls. The umpire will not call balls and strikes.
  • Each team will provide one game ball per game.
  • Games shall begin promptly, and the start time will be noted by both coaches. No new inning will be started after one-hour, and a hard-stop will occur at one hour fifteen minutes.  No extra innings will be played due to a tie score.  Each team will bat through the entire line-up during their offensive half of the inning.
  • Because this is an instructional league and pitching is done by coaches at the machine, the coach will be allowed to coach from the mound during the pitch. The pitching machine should be positioned approximately 35 feet from home plate.  For pitch consistency, 11” pitching machine softballs will be used.  In cases when inclement weather or malfunction precludes the use of a pitching machine, a tee will be utilized for each at-bat and regular softballs should be used.
  • A maximum of 10 defensive players will be allowed on defense at one time. If used, the additional defender must be positioned in the outfield. Since all players are in the batting order, free substitution is allowed. No player is allowed to sit out on defense more than one inning per game unless a special situation occurs.
  • A maximum of two defensive coaches will be allowed on the field.  A maximum of one offensive coach will be allowed on the field.
  • A maximum of five pitches will be provided to each batter. The batter is allowed to swing at all five pitches.  If the batter still does not produce a hit after five pitches, a tee will be brought out to further help the batter. 
  • No walks will be allowed.
  • No stealing is allowed in this division.
  • Teams may play games with as few as 7 players. Players arriving late can be inserted into the batting order at any time.