AA Rules

Updated Saturday March 9, 2019 by MYB.

Playing rules will be according to the Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Rule Book, including all Pitching and Minimum Play time regulation with the following exceptions:


  • Bases are 60 feet apart.
  • All teams will bat the entire line-up. There will be NO compensation for unbalanced rosters. Teams with 12 players will bat 12. Teams with 9 players will bat 9. There will be NO automatic outs or any other balancing efforts. All players present will bat.
  • Pitching mound is 46 feet.
  • Each team will bat the entire lineup, and there will be free substitution.
  • All players will play a minimum of 2 defensive innings.
  • All non-wood bats must have the USABat Marking. Barrel Maximum- 2 5/8". No BBCOR Bats are permitted in the Cal Ripken Division.
  • A regulation game consists of minimum of 3 1/2 innings and maximum of 6 innings.
  • Time Limit: No new inning will start after 1 hour and 30 minutes of play.
  • Home book will keep official start time, which shall be official prior to the first pitch being thrown.  Start time will be written in the book.
  • If a Cal Ripken Division game fails to reach the regulation minimum of 3 1/2 innings, it is not a regulation game and must be replayed as a new game.
  • Regular season games with a score tied at the end of last regulation inning will be declared a tie. No additional innings will be played
  • There is a 15 run mercy rule. If the 3rd inning is completed and a team is ahead by 15 or more runs, the game is over.  There is a 10 run rule after 4 complete innings. 
  • Specific Pitch Count rules outlined in pitch count limitaitons must be followed. 
  • Teams will NOT take infield practice prior to the game starting. No warming up the pitcher on the mound prior to the game. Also no warming up the pitcher on the mound prior to the game starting. With that said, you are welcome to do whatever warm up you like in the outfield and the pitcher is able to warm up on the mound once the team takes the field. Settlers has practice pitching mounds by each dugout and Fuller has practice mounds along the dugout side outfield fences.