All-Star Eligibility

UpdatedWednesday May 3, 2017 byMeridian Youth Baseball.

All-Star Eligibility

Meridian Youth Baseball and Softball have formed All-Star teams after the regular spring season for many years. Our All Star teams have enjoyed a tremendous amount of success and remain some of the most competitive in the Northwest. All Stars provide a highly competitive environment for kids to participate in summer ball and play the game at an advanced level.  All teams (All-Star or Tournament) are responsible to fund raise in order to pay for uniforms, tournament fees and other ancillary items that might be necessary.  

MYBS reserves the right to change the number of All-Star teams at any time in order to address the needs of the league. MYBS conducts Manager interviews and selects all-star and tournament team mangers as a board based on those interviews. In order to be considered to be a manager or assistant coach for an All-Star Team, you must have been a rostered Manager or Coach on a spring roster. In order for a player to be eligible, kids must meet the following requirements:

1.  Kids must be officially registered and compliant with Babe Ruth / Cal Ripken policies.

2.  Kids must have played in the most recent spring season in MYBS.

3.  They must attend the tryout for their respective All-Star Team and be selected by the Manager.

4.  Kids must meet the age and division requirements for the respective All-Star team.

All-Star teams will be formed from the following divisions. 

Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken

13U - 15U All-Star Team - Babe Ruth Division

13U All-Star Team - Babe Ruth Division

12-70 All-Star Team - AAA Majors

12-60 All-StarTeam - AAA Majors

11U All-Star Team - AAA Majors

10U All-Star Team - AAA Minors

9U All-Star Team - Double A


14U All-Star Team - 14U Softball Division

12U All-Star Team - 12U Softball Division

10U All-Star Team - 10U Softball Division

MYBS is now sponsoring Tournament Teams, for 9U through 11U, with an emphasis on increasing opportunities for more kids to be involved in summer baseball.  In order to be eligible for the Tournament Team, the respective player must attend and tryout for the All-Star team and must be willing to play for the All-Star team first if selected. MYBS will facilitate the selection of the Tournament Team Manager, this could take place before or in some cases after tryouts. 

Tournament Teams will be formed from the following division

11U Tournament Team - AAA Majors / AAA Minors

10U Tournament Team - AAA Minors / Double A

9U Tournament Team - Double A / Single A

If you have any questions, please contact our VP of Baseball or Player Agent.