U12 Rules

UpdatedMonday March 28, 2022 byMeridian Youth Baseball.

U12 Division Rules

  • U12 pitchers are limited to 9 innings per week and pitching distance is 40 feet.
  • For U12 games, a team will be allowed to play a game with not less than 8 players only if due to absence, injury, or illness. A team cannot elect to play with less than 9 players if any eligible player(s) are available at a game. When a team starts a game with 8 players, the 9th spot in the batting order will result in an automatic out each time that position is due to bat, until that spot in the batting order is occupied by an eligible player. If a 9th player arrives at any time after the game begins, that player shall be added to the batting order in the 9th spot and placed in the field on defense. If a reduction to 8 players occurs due to absence, injury, or illness of eligible player(s) after a game begins, the vacated spot in the batting order will result in an automatic out each time the vacated position is due to bat.
  • The batting order shall consist of all rostered players present at each game. Free defensive substitution will be allowed unless otherwise prohibited by rule (i.e. if a starting pitcher is removed from the game defensively, they may re-enter as the pitcher, unless removed as pitcher due to a second trip to the mound in the same inning).
  • By mutual agreement between coaches prior to the start of the game, the following may be implemented: 5 Run Rule: If a team scores 5 runs in one inning, they will take the field and the defensive team will come to bat.
  • U12 baserunners are allowed to steal when a pitched ball is released by the pitcher. The penalty for leaving the base before a pitch is released will be an automatic out.
  • U12 baserunners are allowed to slide.
  • Straight stealing is allowed in this division.
  • Dropped third strike is observed in this division.
  • All baserunners are required to slide at home when there is an immediate play at the plate. If the runner does not slide, she is out.
  • Games shall begin promptly, and the start time will be noted in the official scorebook. No new inning will be started after one-hour and thirty minutes.  No extra innings will be played due to a tie score.  The home team shall provide the official scorebook/scorekeeper.
  • The league will make its best effort to provide a home plate umpire for each game.  In the event there is no league-provided umpire available, the teams will be asked ahead of time to provide a volunteer home-plate umpire.  Field umpires are not provided by the league; however, the teams can provide their own volunteer field umpires for games.