10U Rule Exceptions:

Updated Friday April 29, 2016 by Meridian Youth.

  • 5 Run Rule: If a team scores 5 runs in one inning, they will take the field and the defensive team will come to bat.
  • 10U Pitchers are limited to 8 innings per week and pitching distance is from 35 feet.
  • The defensive team will have the option for each pitcher to use coach-pitch, as described below, or player-only pitch. The manager of the defensive team must inform the umpire, prior to the first thrown pitch by each of their pitchers, if the coach-pitch or player-only option is being used for that individual pitcher. The decision for each individual pitcher will remain in effect for the entire game (i.e. if the decision is made to use player-pitch for Pitcher A, the defensive team cannot elect to switch to coach-pitch for Pitcher A at any time during the game. However, the defensive team can elect to use coach-pitch when Pitcher B enters the game).
  • In cases when player-only pitch is used, there will be no limit to the number of base-on-balls the player can issue in an inning. All other rules described in this section, except the coach-pitch option, will remain in effect.
  • For all innings when the coach-pitch option is used, the player will continue to pitch until two batters have received a base-on-balls. After that time, any batter who has acquired four balls will be pitched to by an adult, until the batter hits or strikes out. A batter does not get to take her base if she is hit by a pitch from an adult. A hit-by-pitch thrown by a player does not count as a base-on-balls. When the adult is on the field, they shall remain at the rubber at all and move only when the play is over, or to avoid being hit by a batted ball, or to avoid interfering with a defensive play. The adult will not be allowed to coach during the pitch.
  • Each 10U team may field up to ten defensive players at a time. If used, the additional defender must be positioned in the outfield.
  • The batting order shall consist of all rostered players present at each game. Free defensive substitution will be allowed unless otherwise prohibited by rule (i.e. if a starting pitcher is removed from the game defensively, they may re-enter as the pitcher, unless removed as pitcher due to a second trip to the mound in the same inning).
  • 10U base runners are allowed to leave base when a pitched ball is released by the pitcher. The penalty for leaving the base before a pitch is released will be an automatic out (See Rule 7.13).
  • Base runners may not advance more than one base on a ball that has not been batted, regardless of any attempts by the defense to put the runner(s) out.
  • A player cannot advance to home on a ball that has not been batted unless: 1) the runner is at 3rd base at the time of the pitch; and 2) the defensive team attempts to put the base runner out at 3rd base (i.e. pick-off the runner at 3rd base). Other than the pick-off attempt described above, players can only score on a batted ball or when forced in by a base-on-balls or hit-by-pitch.
  • Base runners may not advance on any ball that is not batted when an adult is pitching.
  • 10U teams may play games with as few as 7 players. Any vacant spot(s) in the batting order will result in an automatic out each time a vacant spot is due to bat. Any player(s) arriving late can be inserted into the batting order at any time.