U10 Rules

UpdatedMonday March 28, 2022 byMeridian Youth.

U10 Division Rules

  • 5 Run Rule: If a team scores 5 runs in one inning, they will take the field and the defensive team will come to bat.
  • 10U Pitchers are limited to 9 innings per week and pitching distance is 35 feet.
  • If a player-pitcher throws a fourth ball to a batter, the hitting team’s coach will assume the strike count and finish pitching to that batter.  The coach-pitcher cannot walk the batter, but can strike out the batter.  Once the at-bat is completed, the coach returns to the dugout and the player-pitcher resumes pitching to the next batter.  A batter does not get to take her base if she is hit by a pitch from a coach-pitcher.  If a batter is hit by a pitch by a player-pitcher, the batter has the option to either take her base or stay in the box and continue her at-bat.  When the coach-pitcher is on the field, they shall remain at the rubber at all times and move only when the play is over, or to avoid being hit by a batted ball, or to avoid interfering with a defensive play. The coach-pitcher is not be allowed to coach during the pitch.
  • When the coach-pitcher is on the rubber, the player-pitcher may stand to the left or right of the coach-pitcher and must have one foot inside the circle.
  • There is no stealing allowed when the coach-pitcher is on the field.
  • Each 10U team may field up to ten defensive players at a time. If used, the additional defender must be positioned in the outfield.
  • The batting order shall consist of all rostered players present at each game. Free defensive substitution will be allowed unless otherwise prohibited by rule (i.e. if a starting pitcher is removed from the game defensively, they may re-enter as the pitcher, unless removed as pitcher due to a second trip to the mound in the same inning).
  • 10U baserunners are allowed to steal when a pitched ball is released by the pitcher. The penalty for leaving the base before a pitch is released will be an automatic out.
  • Baserunners may not advance more than one base on a ball that has not been batted, regardless of any attempts by the defense to put the runner(s) out.
  • There is no straight-stealing allowed in this division.
  • A player cannot advance to home on a ball that has not been batted.
  • 10U teams may play games with as few as 7 players. Any player(s) arriving late can be inserted into the batting order at any time.
  • 10U baserunners are allowed to slide.
  • All baserunners are required to slide at home when there is an immediate play at the plate. If the runner does not slide, she is out.
  • No dropped third strike is observed in 10u.
  • Games shall begin promptly, and the start time will be noted in the official scorebook. No new inning will be started after one-hour and thirty minutes. No extra innings will be played due to a tie score.  The home team shall provide the official scorebook/scorekeeper.
  • The league will make its best effort to provide a home plate umpire for each game.  In the event there is no league-provided umpire available, the teams will be asked ahead of time to provide a volunteer home-plate umpire.  Field umpires are not provided by the league; however, the teams can provide their own volunteer field umpires for games.