8U Rule Exceptions:

Updated Friday April 29, 2016 by Meridian Youth Baseball.

  • The Home team shall occupy the third base side of the field and the visiting team shall occupy the first base side. The home team shall provide the official scorebook and scorekeeper.
  • The home team shall furnish an umpire for all league games. If an umpire is not available, the manager or a coach may umpire. It is highly recommended that each team have their coaching staffs umpire certified for cases when an umpire is not available. The umpire will be positioned in the field and will be primarily responsible for making out/safe and fair/foul calls. The umpire will not call balls and strikes.
  • The home team shall provide the game ball(s).
  • Games shall begin promptly at 6:30pm and will continue until 6 innings have been completed or the 1½-hour time limit is reached. No extra innings will be played due to a tie score.
  • Because this is an instructional league and pitching is done by coaches, the coach will be allowed to coach from the mound during the pitch. The pitching machine should be positioned approximately 35 feet from home plate and the speed should be set at 30-35 mile per hour. For pitch consistency, every effort should be made to use 11 inch pitching machine (dimpled) softballs for the 8U division. In cases when inclement weather or malfunction precludes the use of a pitching machine, an adult shall pitch to batters and regular softballs should be used.
  • Each half inning shall consist of ten batters or three outs, whichever occurs first. All rostered players present at each game shall be listed in the team batting order. When an inning reaches the tenth batter, play is over when the third out occurs or home plate is touched by any defensive player in possession of the ball.
  • A maximum of 10 defensive players will be allowed on defense at one time. If used, the additional defender must be positioned in the outfield. Since all players are in the batting order, free substitution is allowed. No player is allowed to sit out on defense more than one inning per game unless a special situation occurs.
  • A maximum of two defensive coaches will be allowed in the field.
  • A maximum of five pitches will be provided to each batter. The batter is allowed to swing at all five pitches.
  • Use of a batting tee during games is prohibited.
  • No walks will be allowed. Each batter will either hit the ball or strike out.
  • No base stealing is allowed.
  • No sliding by base runners is allowed.
  • Only the umpire may call the game due to weather once the game has started.
  • 8U teams may play games with as few as 7 players. Vacant spots in the batting order will result in an automatic out each time a vacant spot is due to bat. Players arriving late can be inserted into the batting order at any time.