Babe Ruth Rules

Updated Wednesday March 15, 2017 by MYB.

Babe Ruth Rules
Time Limit: No new inning starts after 2 hours from start of game


Pitching Rule:


  • Home team will be considered official book and will be responsible for writing official game start time given by the home plate umpire.
  • Both teams will be responsible for keeping track of pitching records in their own scorebook. If you are asked to see your pitching records and do not have them, the team requesting to see them can deem your pitcher ineligible to pitch that game.

Balk Rule: No balk shall be called during the first 7 games of the season (although the game should be stopped and the pitcher should be taught). Starting the 8th game of the season balks will be called and enforced.


MYB Pitch Count Guidelines 2017.pdf
Pitch Count Forms.pdf